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#SOL17 Day 5: Teamwork

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Batman works alone. As the gravelly voice filled the movie theater tonight while I watched the new Lego Batman Movie with my husband and kids, I couldn’t help but appreciate the obvious moral of the story: Life is simply better when you work as a team.

This theme has become central in my life over the past few years. Since our first child was born five years ago, my husband has become the #1 player on my team. He gives the kids their baths, helps to get them in bed each night, picks them up from school on the days when I have class, and is quick to jump in and play with them. For the past few days he’s been down with the flu, and I have realized just how much we share the parenting role.

At school, I have felt nothing but the absence of a team for the past five years. I’ve been lucky to work with mentor teachers in other buildings, but as I look around and see the teachers in my  building who always have someone to plan with, share ideas, eat lunch, and socialize, I have learned just how much having a team really matters. Teaching is lonely when you don’t have a team.

Next fall I will return to a classroom position. I’m so excited to have a class of my own again. I can’t wait to implement all of the ideas I’ve learned during my time in a coaching role. But most of all, I can’t wait to belong to a teaching team again.

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I’m excited to join other writers every Tuesday and daily during the month of March in 2017 to participate in the Slice of Life writing challenge through Two Writing Teachers. Read all about how you can Write. Share. Give. on their website here.




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17 thoughts on “#SOL17 Day 5: Teamwork

  1. As an ESL (ENL) teacher I never had a team in my building. I always felt isolated when teachers split up into grade levels, collaborated, ate lunch together, etc. I was able to avoid a lot of the petty stuff that goes on between colleagues, but I was often lonely.

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  2. I’m feeling a little jealous after reading this–I too am excited to someday return to the classroom and put into practice all that I’ve learned as a coach. I’m lucky to have a coaching team in my building (we have 4 coaches at my school!) which I know is very rare to find. I love that this post was inspired by Batman 🙂

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  3. I have been thinking about collaboration this week and the benefits of working with a team.
    When my grade level teacher team changes, new members bring fresh ideas and expertise.
    I encourage my second grade students to work in teams, to learn to work together effectively.

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  4. There are multiple things I enjoyed in your post, First of all, my oldest son – who’s a teacher, too – still loves Batman! I am a huge believer in the ordinary things of life containing the extraordinary – it’s our choices that make that happen. And the focus on teamwork is so very true. I am cheering you on as you prepare to return to the classroom!

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  5. As a fifteen year veteran teacher who is now a Literacy Coach, I cannot concur more with you. Teams helped make the important but difficult job of teaching feel more doable. Although I love my new role of supporting teachers, the team aspect is just not the same. So glad you feel supported by teams in life!

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  6. It is lonely when you are the only person in a building, no one else understands the trials and tribulations of your job. Teamwork at home and on the job is critical to success.

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  7. Amen to that! Totally feel the same on many days, trying to make a difference but without that solid team it is difficult. I wonder how many of our grade level teams feel the same way? I wonder if some of those teachers don’t really have a collaborative team? Is there a way we could power them up to be the Batman? Somehow help them to bring people together?

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  8. This reminded me how lucky I am to have a solid team, both at home and “away”. Everything is easier when you can share the load. (Sidenote: wanted to take my son to the movie, but it’s over 2 hours, and we thought that seemed long.)

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  9. I loved the Lego Batman movie! Teamwork is so essential to feeling a part of the school climate and culture — I am still working to create that at my new school. I have a great department, but I used to have an interdisciplinary team that I felt a vital part of — and I dearly miss it.

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  10. First of all, I LOVED that movie!!!! My girls and I enjoyed every moment.
    It is great to be a part of a team and I happy for you. I wish our whole building could work as a team a little better. Good Luck!!!

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