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#SOL17 Day 11: My Readers

A few days ago, I sat down and reflected on my own reading identity. As I reflected, I realized how much reading is a part of who I am and a part of my family. Over the past few days at home with my kids while they’ve been sick, I’ve been so lucky to not only share stack after stack of books with them snuggled up on my lap, but have also “caught” them both “reading” on their own.

Here are 10 things I love about them as readers:

  1. Though neither one can technically “read” yet, both are absolutely readers. My daughter holds up books and retells the story as she flips through the pictures. My son sits and studies each page, soaking in each illustration and beginning to take notice of the words.
  2. They both love a good trip to the library. We can’t leave without a serious negotiation about how many books each can check out. I usually lose the battle for only 3 apiece (and I don’t mind a bit).
  3. Mo Willems is their favorite author. They adore the Elephant and Piggie series and know to hunt for The Pigeon in every book. Leonardo the Terrible Monster is their absolute favorite book–they both giggle uncontrollably every single time we read it.
  4. My daughter regularly “sneaks” up to her bedroom to sit in front of her bookshelf and pull down the books to read one by one.
  5. My son is obsessed with reading Lego manuals and tries to sneak them into his Pre-K classroom in his backpack to read as he gets ready for rest time.
  6. They just finally reached the age where I can share some early chapter books with them. We recently read the first Mercy Watson book and my daughter was so disappointed that we had to split the book into two nights that the only way she could express her level of frustration was to shout, “I hate that pig!” (She got over it quickly by the next night.)
  7. Bedtime stories are an absolutely non-negotiable part of our daily routine. Even when we’re on vacation, we don’t end a day without reading a book together.
  8. My daughter has started using “book language” when she plays. I overheard her with her Disney Princess castle the other day saying, “‘Can I come in to play?’ said Belle.”
  9. We have some great discussions about the books we share. They are filled with questions and observations and are eager to have conversations about the books they love.
  10. Both of them perceive themselves as readers–and I hope that’s an identity that sticks with them for life.


I’m excited to join other writers every Tuesday and daily during the month of March in 2017 to participate in the Slice of Life writing challenge through Two Writing Teachers. Read all about how you can Write. Share. Give. on their website here.



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18 thoughts on “#SOL17 Day 11: My Readers

  1. I love that you shared your as readers! I remember reading with my dad when I was young, and how fun I found it before bedtime 🙂 i also like that they see themselves as readers (it is very important for when they head to grade school)!

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  2. First, your blog design is terrific. The fact that I’m writing to you on an envelope is AMAZING! I totally agree with your children’s book choices. While my personal children are grown readers now, my husband and I spent lots of hours in the library, reading at odd moments, and snuggled in at night. We read Harry Potter, each with one boy, when they were in their early teens. They will revisit these book friends again and again.

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  3. How lovely! Your kids will enjoy so much success in school and in life, not just because they’ll “know” how to read, but because they already love it. It will engage them, teach them, and help them move mountains!

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  4. Who doesn’t love Piggie and Elephant?! I immediately connected with trips to the library and bedtime stories as non-negotiables. I remember reading six or seven picture books to my goddaughters (twins) at least three or four times a week after work until I could barely speak. This list about their reading identities speaks volumes. What a fabulous post!

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  5. This is awesome. I had sweet memories of my two daughters–now ages 25 and 27–as I read your descriptions of life with your young readers. My daughters were similar, and they absolutely became lifelong readers. It is a great joy to have a different kind of readerly relationship with them now. I appreciated the fun post. Thanks!

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  6. I like the way you referred to a previous piece about yourself as a reader. That gave a connection to the readers you are building at home. You also used the same writing format that again connects the contents. I learnt a lot about growing readers from your posts.

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  7. If only every student in our classrooms were fortunate enough to have such rich and meaning print experiences at such a young age! Keep up that bedtime routine! Even middle school students still love to be read to!

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  8. This is fantastic! I remember those days when my kids couldn’t yet read, but were clearly readers…it warms the heart for sure. You have clearly done a great job instilling a love of reading in your kids…they are lucky little readers! =)

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