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#SOL17 Day 14: What’s Your Reason to Dance?

This morning I met with my cohort of other mentor teachers in my district and the university director of our program for our monthly mentor meeting. These gatherings have taken on a strange undertone in the past two months: we all know that our program has cut us out of our mentoring roles and that each of us will most likely be transitioning back to a classroom position next year. Meetings that were intended to support us in our instructional coaching have now shifted to focus on the work we are doing in the moment and looking ahead to the next steps in our journey, whatever they may be. Though we did spent our first hour together discussing “business” and our work with our current mentees, the director turned at the end of the meeting toward reflection. We watched this Kid President video and were asked to take a moment to jot down our response to this question: What’s your reason to dance this year?

It took me no time at all to fill my page. My beautiful children give me a reason to dance every single day with their hugs and their giggles and their insatiable curiosity about the world. My husband and my parents, with their unending love and support, give me a reason to dance. My friends and colleagues give me reasons to dance through the experiences we share and the fun we have together. My mentees, present and past, give me reasons to dance as I see the independent and successful teachers and leaders they have grown into over the past six years. The books I read and the stories I write are reasons to dance. My cohort in my doctoral program–people from all over my area in different education positions with all different backgrounds–give me a reason to dance. The learning I have done this past year and opportunities I have had to share my knowledge with others are reasons to dance. My faith is a reason to dance. And, above all, every new day and opportunity is a reason to dance.

I discovered quickly through this reflection that the reasons to dance aren’t things we have to look for or create. They are the things that are already a part of our lives, making each day one to celebrate.

What is your reason to dance?

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I’m excited to join other writers every Tuesday (and daily during the month of March) in 2017 to participate in the Slice of Life writing challenge through Two Writing Teachers. Read all about how you can Write. Share. Give. on their website here.



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6 thoughts on “#SOL17 Day 14: What’s Your Reason to Dance?

  1. this is such a fun post! I love Kid President and the adorable messages he has 🙂 I have many reasons to dance as well, but some include my loving boyfriend of 4 years, my parents close by, doing what i love, my sweet adopted cat, and the list goes on. Can I say the simple love for dancing as a reason ha? Thank you for brightening my evening with this!

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  2. I just read Linda’s post about the party, now you invite to dance. Both slices already have given me reasons to dance. Though your slice started with a sad note it ended with a beautiful celebration.

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