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#SOL17 Day 26: Snapshots from Spring Break

Spring Break–A week of memories, family time, and new experiences:

Hockey ceremony
Beauty and the Beast

Driving (and driving and driving)
The kids’ first glimpse of Chicago
Walking through the Loop and up to Michigan Avenue

The Field Museum: Dinosaurs and Mummies and Animals img_1387
Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe
Catching up with my best friend

Navy Pier
Giordano’s pizza
Chicago Children’s Museum
Magnificent Mile (Lego Store and Disney Store!)



Museum of Science and Industry. 
First Omnimax movie (Great White Sharks!)
Driving (again)

A visit from Grandma
Kindergarten check up
Laundry and more laundry

Mommy Day
Picnic lunch
Animals at the farm
Playing outside

Winding down: car repairs and grocery shopping

Final day…What fun can we still squeeze in?

Each of these experiences leaves me with countless lessons learned and stories to tell. What seed ideas have you gotten from your Spring Break?

I’m excited to join other writers every Tuesday (and daily during the month of March) in 2017 to participate in the Slice of Life writing challenge through Two Writing Teachers. Read all about how you can Write. Share. Give. on their website here.



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9 thoughts on “#SOL17 Day 26: Snapshots from Spring Break

  1. All of your seeds from Spring Break take me back to days with our kids in Chicago. Many of our summer vacations read like your last week. I hope you enjoyed Chicago as much as we always have.

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  2. Sounds like you have had a busy and fun week, and made lots of memories! The smiles in the pictures tell it all! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, they will never be this little again.

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