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#SOL17 Day 29: Grinched

My daughter, at barely past her third birthday, has a vocabulary that absolutely blows me away. Maybe it’s because we’ve read to her (a lot). Maybe it’s because she tries to keep up with her older brother (always). Or maybe it’s just who she is (most likely, especially since this theory is backed up with videos of her jabbering in her bassinet at barely 4 weeks old). Whatever the reason may be, my daughter loves to talk.

Even though she thrives on learning new words (some of which I wonder where she even heard them), they don’t always come out just right yet. As we walked the streets of Chicago last week after our visit to the Field Museum, she made all of us slowly repeat “tri-cera-POPS” over and over with her as she worked this word into her vocabulary.

She also has a few special words that she has consistently given an extra syllable. At the zoo, she insists on seeing the “elephanants.” She’s also a big fan of “dolphinants.”

But sometimes she just mispronounces a word completely,

Although she’s been out of diapers for going on a year, she still occasionally has an accident during the night. She woke me up two nights ago at 2:30 in the morning, a soft little, “Mommy?” drifting into my room as I tried to catch a few hours of sleep before our return to school from Spring Break.

As soon as I went into her room, I knew that her bed was soaked. I got my husband up to change the sheets while I gathered her up and grabbed some clean pajamas. I took her in the bathroom, both of us still half asleep, and tried to get her changed as quickly as possible.

All of a sudden, she looked at me with her big sleepy brown eyes and asked (quite pitifully), “Mommy, how did I get all grinched? My clothes are just grinched!”

I couldn’t help it–I had to smile. Sensing my amusement, her giggles kicked in, too. In spite of being grinched and losing a few minutes of precious sleep, suddenly our time together during the night didn’t seem so bad.

Even though she’s learning so many new words every day, it’s the ones she makes her own that I cherish the most. She is a constant reminder to listen closely–you never know what treasures you might hear.

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10 thoughts on “#SOL17 Day 29: Grinched

  1. I love this…makes me miss my daughter’s mispronounced or made up words. One of my favorites was how she said suitcase. She called it a “soupcase.” I was so sad when she realized how to say it correctly. I tried to write down as many as I could when she said them. I keep an “Emma sayings” note in my phone. I still add to it šŸ™‚

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