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#SOL17 An Unexpected Decision

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny with light fluffy clouds that floated across a bright blue sky. A cool breeze and high temperatures that barely hit 70.

Anyone watching our kids run freely across the playground at recess would have been shocked by the calls and texts and emails that lit up our phones right before dismissal.

All of our schools will be closed tomorrow.

Torrential rains over the weekend have caused our rivers to overflow, rising high above flood stage and displacing thousands of people. Homes have been destroyed. Neighborhoods are cut off completely. Major interstates are closed. People have been told by authorities to choose a side of the river before going to bed tonight because they will be stuck there for the foreseeable future. Some of our students and many staff members live on the opposite side of the flooded river, leaving us too short on staff to operate.

As teachers, we learn to expect the unexpected. However, never in my fourteen years of teaching would I have ever predicted I would be spending a day at home in May, waiting for “historical and unprecedented” flood waters to recede.



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4 thoughts on “#SOL17 An Unexpected Decision

  1. It is so crazy! I am shocked that this happened, but expecting it to get worst based on what everyone’s saying….giving can’t believe everything I hear but this is crazy!


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