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Slice of Life 2018, Day 11: I

I found this format on Madalyn Bush’s blog today and decided it looked too fun not to try:

I keep little mementos of special times with my family and refuse to throw them away–movie ticket stubs, birthday napkins, etc.

I wish time would slow down a bit. My children are growing way too fast.

I dance like my Dad. (That’s not a good thing.)

I sing in the car. Lately, it’s all been songs from The Wizard of Oz (unless I’m alone, then it’s Hamilton).

I think family and relationships are the most important things.

I really should wake up earlier to take advantage of the early morning hours.

I need to read before I fall asleep every single night.

I can do so much more than I ever dreamed I could do.

I like reading by a warm fire, playing Candy Land with my kids, talking about nothing and everything with my husband, and chocolate chip cookies.

I always stay up much later than I plan to. It’s simply too easy to get sucked into reading or writing late at night!



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4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2018, Day 11: I

  1. I love this format! So glad I came across your slice and also read the blog you saw this format on. I totally sing in the car too and would love for time to slow down. My daughter is looking more and more like a young lady instead of a little girl lately! I will be putting this format into my “slice” folder.


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