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Slice of Life 2018, Day 17: Party!

Today kicks of Spring Break, and what better way to begin 9 days off than with a party? When I saw Dani at Doing the Work That Matters share this post inspired by Leigh Ann Eck the other day, I knew it would be a great format to try out.

Thanks for the inspiration and invite, Leigh Ann and Dani! I’m looking forward to joining this party!

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What I’m Bringing:

Favorite Book: This is an incredibly difficult question because I’m usually quite smitten with whatever I’m currently reading, but my absolute favorite book ever is The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Her beautiful writing, coupled with the messages this book delivers about humanity and humility, make this a book that has changed the way I view the world.

Favorite Person: There are many I’d like to bring, but ultimately I couldn’t go to a party without my husband Daniel by my side. One of the first things I ever loved about him is how comfortable and easygoing he is in groups of people, a complete opposite to my shy and introverted nature. With him by my side, I know I’ll have a fantastic time.

Favorite Food or Beverage: My party would have warm chocolate chip cookies and cold glasses of milk. I’m not sure if it’s the warmth or the sweetness, but this is my go-to comfort food.

Favorite Song:  I have pretty quirky taste in music (fueled by the fact that 90% of the time I’m accompanied in the car by my 4- and 6-year-olds who are currently obsessed with The Wizard of Oz soundtrack), so this is a tough question for me. This isn’t my favorite song, but as I head into Spring Break the one that keeps running jubilantly through my head right now is Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” It may not be for summer yet (and I’m certainly not ready to say goodbye to my students), but this much-needed break definitely warrants a little “free from school for a week” celebration.

Surprise: I would bring everyone a special pen (Inkjoy gel pens, to be exact) in an array of bright colors. I have a bit of a pen obsession, and something about sharing pens with everyone symbolizes to me that there will be memories to be made and stories to be told, and what better way to capture them than writing them down?

And now it’s YOUR turn! What will YOU bring along to the party?



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12 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2018, Day 17: Party!

  1. I love going to Leigh Anne’s parties even when they are virtual. I would bring the desserts because that is my specialty. Sunday’s slice will be about my desserts for the St. Patrick’s Day party. Stay tuned! They’re all green!

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  2. Your party sounds perfect! I might need to bake some chocolate cookies today, now they’re on my mind. Enjoy your week off with your family. Summer is now just around the corner!

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  3. I love this idea. I decided that each post that I read that had an out of the box way of writing, I am going to share with my students who are also doing this challenge. It gives them great ideas. And I can’t wait to share who will be at my party tomorrow.

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  4. Thank you for the inspiration. I might just try writing about my favorites, but I think I would really ave to put some of them in a bracket format and do an elimination before I could find the perfect ones to write about.

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  5. I am thrilled you came to the party! I have a pen obsession too, and Inkjoy is my favorite! I was first introduced to them by Michelle Haseltine. Can’t write without them now! I am on spring break this week too, and I am so ready for some down time. Enjoy your break.

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  6. I’m excited to meet you at this party. I also love for my husband to come with me to parties to get conversations going. We’ll have to hang out with you and Daniel. I’ll tell you about the kid I just met who has a picture painted by an elephant and we can share our favorite parts of The One and Only Ivan.

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