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Slice of Life 2018, Day 30: Day Off

When you have a Friday off, you stay up late the night before enjoying a girls’ night out with your Mom. You get dressed up and go see The Color Purple together, then stop on the way home for some late night appetizers in place of dinner.

You turn off all of the alarms and hope your husband can sneak out of the house quietly when he leaves for work.

You let the kids wake you up, most likely by jumping on top of you or crawling under the covers next to you and pressing their bony little feet against your back.

You stay in your pajamas as long as you want. When you finally decide to get dressed, you wear workout clothes and have no intention whatsoever of working out.

You take the kids to a late morning showing of Paddington 2 at the dollar theater, filling up on salty popcorn and sugary drinks in place of lunch. You talk about the movie and how much you all loved it and how much the kids hope for Paddington 3 . . . or 4 . . . or 67 all the way home.

You watch the kids play in the backyard on the trampoline, soaking in the sunshine after days and days and days of gloomy gray clouds and pouring rain. You notice last year’s pathetic-looking garden and decide it’s time to start fresh, so you make yourself do a bit of yard work. Not too much, though–it is, after all, a beautiful day off.

You catch up on laundry. Lots and lots and lots of laundry. How does so much accumulate in just a week? You throw in running the dishwasher and taking out the trash for good measure.

You make some time for reading and writing. Whenever you want.

You only look at the clock when you want to, never because you have to.

You squeeze in a trip to the library to return a stack of finished books and check out the stack waiting on the hold shelf.

Most of all, you relax and savor every moment of downtime before the hectic end of the school year. After all, isn’t that what days off are for?

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