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It Used to Be a Popular Thing #SOL19

My 4-year-old came home from school yesterday convinced that it’s time to get her ears pierced. The reason? A beautiful, shiny pair of silver coat buttons from the school art box that she thinks will look amazing in her earlobes.

After a few tearful moments because we couldn’t get them pierced right now, we tabled the conversation…until this morning, when the buttons resurfaced in the cup holder of her car seat.

After playing with them for a few minutes, she casually remarked, “Can you imagine a boy with earrings?”

“Daddy used to have a pierced ear,” I told her, glancing in the rear view mirror to gauge her reaction.

WHAT?” A characteristically dramatic response, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. “Daddy had EARRINGS?”

I was about to explain further when my son, ever the pragmatic one in the family at age 6, jumped in, “You know, that used to be kind of a popular thing.”

I couldn’t help laughing at the truth of his statement. As adults, there are so many things we accept about the world, sometimes failing to acknowledge when time keeps marching on. How many things, I wonder, used to be popular but are still near and dear to my heart?



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