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#SOL17 Vacation Countdown

I awoke just a few minutes after 6:00 last Thursday morning, the second of our three cancelled school days due to flooding, to a whisper directly in my right ear, “Are we going to take my ba-jammies on vacation, Mommy?” I assured her that we would not forget to pack her pajamas.

On Friday, she asked where our dog will stay while we’re gone. I promised her he’ll have a great time relaxing with Grandma and Grandpa.

This morning her teachers asked me about vacation at drop-off, telling me that she’s been chattering nonstop about a pool and a beach. She confirmed this story tonight while I relayed it to my husband, adding that she’s also told all of her 3-year-old friends.

Maybe you shouldn’t have told her you’re going, my mom commented.

She’s going to drive us crazy, my husband warned.

True, I admitted to each of them. True.

But, even though the end of June is awfully far away, isn’t half the fun of vacation the time you get to spend looking forward to it?

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